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The first sale doctrine, codified at 17 U.S.C. § 109, provides that an individual or person who knowingly purchases a copy of a copyrighted work from the copyright holder receives the right to sell, display or otherwise dispose of that particular copy, notwithstanding the interests of the copyright owner.

The right to distribute ends, however, once the owner has sold that particular copySee 17 U.S.C. § 109(a) & (c). Since the first sale doctrine never protects a defendant who makes unauthorized reproductions of a copyrighted work, the first sale doctrine cannot be a successful defense in cases that allege infringing reproduction.

All products that are listed for sale are new, unopened and unused and originate from from our inventory in our warehouses, manufacturer direct  or from our master distributor partners (where expediency is needed). All products are GTIN/UPC/EAN certified. As such, the merchant is protected by the first sale doctrine. 

To the extent you have any concern or question, we are open to communication and dialogue so feel free to send us an email in our contact section. To the extent you are "litigation happy", this operates as notice to any potential claim in this regard. 

To the extent you fail to contact us or give us notice about a potential claim, we may rely on, but not limited to, this document as a full and conclusive defence to any injunctive relief and/or cause of action. 

If you are a manufacturer or master distributor and you wish to increase your sales, we are open to business discussions.