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Turn it up with Alterna | Bamboo Smooth Kendi


Yes, that sounds good! 

En route to 50,000 BLOGS! 


We do them all in-house! 

Ok, we are NOT promising SPACE TRAVEL! 


So what dou need with hair to cover that look? 


READ THE BOTTLE! THe ingredients matter but also check the concentrations! 

  1. A weightless, versatile, nutrient-rich oil mist


  1. Formulated with strengthening organic bamboo & smoothing organic kendi oil
  2. Adds intense shine while delivering vital nutrients & deep nourishment
  3. Repairs split ends & environmental damage
  4. Protects hair from heat styling tools
  5. Can also be used as a treatment or color protecting style primer
  6. Leaves hair sleek, frizz-free & healthy looking