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The rave in eternity! Not an actual rave | Buy CK Eternity for Men!


Well, hog in a good way. We want to get those deals and steals in your hands without any breach of the Criminal statutes. 


Stay hungry like a beagle! 

(Yes beagles do not know when they are full!) 


A little breakdown for you! 

1988 was when it went down! 

  1. SUMMER OF 1988: Eternity Cologne by Calvin Klein, Calvin klein's iconic eternity line began with the original launch of the women's version of the scent in 1988, only to be followed the next year by this men's version of the scent.
  2. SPICY: Classified as a refreshing spicy, lavender, and amber fragrance, eternity is a real classic of men's fragrances.
  3. JASMINE: This masculine scent possesses a blend of greens, crisp jasmine, sage, basil, and rosewood.
  4. DATE NIGHT: While the scent isn't specifically made for date night, eternity is so associated with attractive, successful men that it is bound to work well in that setting as well as pretty much any other.
  5. RAVING: Try it for yourself, and see what everyone has been raving about!


Just have to say Im a Cologne aficionado and have over 30 scents. That being said i can say this is one of the top fragrances that stay strong and mysterious for the total wear of the cologne. It has a very masculine scent that lures in a lot of compliments. Throughout the day that I wore the scent i had many compliments. The scent is very unique and lasted on my skin for over 6 hours which is very rare. The jasmine and the rosewood notes are prominent. The scent is very wearable for any hour of the day. However wearing this to a date in a evening around the city will be sure to be a favorite. I received this free in my Influenster box for review. I have to say its a winner for me. 

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