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Inside the Lil Wayne Mansion | Weezy Da Boss | Hair Color

Weezy Da Boss 

It is a small car but it costs more than a ballpark. Dice it up and slice it up. Floating pools so you roll with the best even when you are out of school in the online game. 

Move and Floss

The Design 

The entire design for this home is to make it feel as though it is floating on water.

The Commencement 

Breaking it down in one 2 one 

  1. It begins with the pond that feels like a moat you have to cross to get to the front door—across slab steps that appear to rise up from the blue depths—and once indoors the moveable walls make it hard to tell where the outdoors starts and the indoors end.
  2. The seven-bedroom, ten-bathroom house, which sold for $16.75 million, is 10,472 square feet with 110 feet of water frontage. 
  3. The picture above is a close up of the backyard to orient you into the ways of the floating concept the architect was going for.

Hair Color Online 

The Bamoo with the Glue. We got make them move and groove. 

Check out the Alterna so you can make it move like a vaccine with the Moderna.

We stay modern with your game. 

Same time - REMIX TME 

Favorite Lil Wayne Song. What is it? Tell us...we would love to hear as you float in the Lear jet! 

We move fast. We blog hard.

We work harder than the rest of them and blaze at the rest of them. What can we say CaliFORN-I-A where we got New-Som kind of hits. 

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