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Rough Rider | Kevin Murphy | BEAUTY PRICE MATCH

Has this month been one of those rough rides for you? Are you still a rough rider? Can you handle the heat?


What kind of guy are you? For real!

Are you living the way you want to!

Well it start with the attitude. Where does attitude come from? Everywhere. But hair for men is important!



Thick hair is a sign of a health! Women look to the hair to see if you are THE ONE!

Well, it is a superficial society. If they see wispy strands, they think the rest of you is falling apart. Yes, it is not a fun reality but c’est la vie!


While you are working on getting in better shape and not eating those Cheetos in mama’s basement, let’s get some product on that hair to give the appearance of thickness!



Yes, it is lower case with a period but we got to rock a little heading for some SEO action so we can ship them out faster than the Port of MIAMI!

Check these products out with a focus on the Rough Rider from the Murph who is going to give you the Surfer look with some swag.

Remember women love a little seafood because it is not that dreaded red meat so take her for some SURF and TURF.


Click the Price Match button to make an offer if you think can on the low low lower!

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