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No, Linkedin. You know the new perv medium where you act like you are in a network for business with others but really you are trying to see what the bf or gf who dumped you in high school is doing. You are comparing fake online degrees against one another as opposed to working. Ok, that is a little harsh. It is used to "network" for those that cannot sell.


Ya, these networks, if you want to call them that, eat your time for the rat race. However, it works for some if you want to be a follower. Imagine if you spent the the time working out or learning a new business as opposed to wondering what type of fictitious degree someone obtained.


Well, now you can at least somewhat educated yourself to some degree. 

Follower Buy Beauty Products

Creeate some new content and be yourself whatever that means to you. The rats will always be there. So will cheese. So will mousetraps. 

Eagles fly alone


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