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You have heard of it, right? 

But do you know the background? 

Well, here it is: 

When was it founded? 

Cartier was founded in France in 1847!

Initial business? 

and made a name for itself over the course of 50 years creating fine jewelry with intricate detailing.

What next? 

Cartier hit the watch game then leather goods and other accessories, and eventually began producing fragrances in 1981, nearly a century and a half after its opening.

But that is no insult to their fragrances as they are world renowned! 


We are featuring the LA PANTHERE today! 

It has deep roots with Cartier! 

  1. NICKNAME: Cartier La Panthere Perfume by Cartier, Cartier La Panthere was launched by the established Cartier brand in 2014, but the product itself hearkens back to the original Panthere (released in 1986), and even back to the founding of the business in 1847, when the founder’s muse was none other than a Jeanne Toussaint, who went by La Panthere as a nickname.
  2. TOP NOTES: This fragrance contains top notes of big strawberry, rhubarb, anise, bergamot and dried fruits, and core notes of rose, ylang-ylang, gardenia, orange blossom and juicy pear. The base notes include touches of oakmoss, leather, patchouli and musk.


 Cartier is an elegant and sophisticated perfume for those looking for some part of rich history. 

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