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BUY BEAUTY TIPS™ (BLOG): Mistake Remedy Series 85/101: Don't you cry tonight...we still love you baby

Dearest Buy Beauty Products™ devotees:

Welcome to another educational and edgy edition on Buy Beauty Tips™, the world renowned "EDU-Beauty Blog" on Buy Beauty Products™".  We continue to strive to provide you the most elusive and informational tips for you beauty enthusiasts! 

Buy Beauty Products unlocks more beauty secrets relating to your "tear duct". No, that the duct in your house that tears but the one by your eyes! 

85. You’re applying liner in your tear duct. Not only does this promote bacteria, but it also makes the liner more prone to smudging—this inner corner can get moist throughout the day. When painting the upper and bottom lines, finish just before this inner corner.

Please share your "tear jerkers" so Buy Beauty Tips™ remains the most comprehensive, entertaining and academic "Blog Soulmate". 

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