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Best Brows 

 You got that pow and everyone sees your wow. But you can make your brows even better with some of the chow to plow with a special cash cow! 


From the highbrow to the lowbrow, you love to make that meow. 

It is all about know-how to bolster your brows,

We got the here and now,

From top to below, 

You can never go below what you know, 

You are just a stone's throw,

From being at your best,

Drop the cess,

Be precise so avoid the mess. 

Got Proof? 

Yes, we do. So let's move fast and expedient! 

We are lenient on prices so just ask a Q and we got an A 

For your best brows! 

So avoid the comments about pig and sows.

Just boar forward! 

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