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Our loyal fan base is just loving the new blogs so we thought we would create a division. So we are just going to flow off the top of the dome like we are rolling on chrome so you can have a little excitement so we think we might just! 

They are to inspire to get you out of the quagmire so you lose that ire and use it for nothing but better desires! 

Get the drift so let's some wood. Yes, play on words there. A little double entendre! 


The Man

In order to beat the man, you got to be the man

You cannot roll with that Toucan Sam style. 

No fruit loop but you can sport the Joop, 

While you roll in the coupe,

Yes, the Berlinetta when you got that cheddar,

In order to get there, you got to roll with the header.

Yes, that sharp noggin that is a precise shredder,

Of the comp so you ain't no beggar. 

From the leather to the fender, 

A 360 like Chris Webber,

when he was an original warrior

Across the Bay to the OAK,

We got it better than the zero in the Coke,

Never sweeter and lighter than Stevia,

We digress for the social medi. 



We got the Yuzu so she will never miss you. 

She will be lighter than on her toes with a tutu. 

She will always stick to you.

And that is what you yearn so you can take the next step and turn!

Fresh content so you ain't no yahoo! 

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